Discover the Island of Mindanao

Discover the Island of Mindanao

Dubbed as the “Land of Promise”, the gorgeous island of Mindanao is the second-largest and most southerly island of Philippines. It is the only area of the Philippines with a significant Muslim presence. The island is also home to Raja Bantogen the Meranaw largest non-Muslim and Subanon Tribe. It has unspoiled tropical scenery, most especially in the Zamboanga City, a city considered as one of the most romantic places in the Philippines. Here you will find breathtaking flowers and beautiful seashells, in addition to enticing scenery. When you pay a visit to the Santa Cruz Island, be sure to pay a visit to its exquisite sand beach that is perfect for snorkeling, swimming or scuba diving, At this beach, you will discover that it does turn pink in color when the corals from the sea get washed ashore.

A number of visitors do flock to this gorgeous Island to explore its beautiful tropical forest, enjoy water sport activities and go on an adventurous jungle tracking, along with a climb to the highest mountain in the Philippines. A number of visitors also do come to the island to discover the interesting culture it holds. While on the island, be sure to visit with some of its indigenous people who still live on the island and are still as traditional as they were in years gone in a number of aspects.

For a look into the daily life of the locals, you can either pay a visit to the fields to check out the farmers as they go about working on their fields using the old traditional methods, or pay the coastal areas a visit and check out the fishermen villages. While in the fishermen villages, be sure to check out the Bangus(milkfish), which is the National fish that children in the area just love catching!  A trek into the Mount Apo area on the other hand will present you with a discovery of the Philippine eagle which is the National Bird of the Philippines; this bird is also dubbed as the “Monkey eating eagle”. Finally, while at Mount Apo, you may take a climb on this sacred mountain and enjoy the beautiful view from above.

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